Friday Link Love

Yep, another late edition brought to you this time by my family genealogy. At our Christmas Eve get together at my mom’s house, I bought my computer and talked about genealogy stuff with my uncles. Which got me interested in doing more research. Which has sucked up all my free time this week! (Speaking of Christmas, my mom gave me a dress form! I haven’t even attempted to put it together yet. Cleaning out the sewing room so I have a place to put it will have to come first.) Of course, I found time to do a little reading on the interwebs. Lots of bloggers took vacations, but I still found a few posts – most of which arrived over the last few days. Here are my favorites from the last week:

IMG_8593Goat Cheese, Honey Crisp Apples, Honey & Rosemary Thins from The Reluctant Entertainer
I came across this when I was reading on Sunday. Of course, we had a pre-bought cranberry and cinnamon goat cheese roll (also very yum!), but I considered bringing this instead. Yes, my love affair with goat cheese continues.

BurdaStyle Magazine 01/2013 review from Paunnet
Yep, she’s spot on once again! There’s some good stuff and some very WTH stuff.

DSC_1356The Wolery from Handmade by Carolyn
The cuteness!! I may have to make these.

Southern Cottage from The Lettered Cottage
It’s just like looking through other people’s windows at night…except with a better view and their permission. I love looking at how other people have decorated.

Holiday Breads: Schnecken from Kitchen Counter Economics
Similar to cinnamon rolls, but not.

How to Organize and Store Annual Christmas Letters and Photos from The Reluctant Entertainer
Memory Books for kids – what a great idea!

Planning and Anticipation from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic
If only my vacations – and sewing – were this organized. I usually end up getting distracted and not working on any sewing at all!

Where Norman Rockwell Leaves Off from (in)courage
What caught my eye – their families live scattered across 20 acres of land because they chose to raise their families in community.

Mood Sewing Network: Tweedy Delights from Frabjous Couture
Need some tips on working with bias-cut fabric? Here you go!

The “Desk Set” Christmas Outfit from Sew Weekly
I love this plaid dress! It was graded up too. Someday I’ll figure that out with a good result…

A Red Flannel Scarf from Sew Well
Quilted flannel? Yes please!

Floral Mesh Statement Skirt from Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing
Beautiful! Especially the color.

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll get the Christmas decorations down, my sewing room cleaned up, and perhaps finish my current sewing project this weekend.

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