Friday Link Love

Is it just me or is Christmas and New Years sneaking up quietly this year? I keep thinking – I have *how* many days left to buy presents for family?! It’s probably because I’ve been so focused on doing things during advent (craft making parties, progressive tree decorating with my sister, planning dinner and holiday light viewing) – and enjoying myself – that I’m deluding myself that the days aren’t still speeding by. I’m probably about half done shopping (which is better than none at all).

Anyway, here are the posts that caught my eye (and a star):

Gift Factory – Seasoned Salts from Angry Chicken
Aside from the chipotle and cinnamon salt, coriander salt, and cumin salt, I’m interested in what matcha salt tastes like. Matcha evidently is the tea that they use in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The Breakaway Cook has a youtube video about making it too.


Covered Washers/Pattern Weights Tutorial from Jilly Be Joyful
These are super cute! (And a great me-made gift for sewing friends. Maybe next year.)

Sewing Room Makeover…Done! from A Stitching Odyssey
My sewing room looks like an explosion happened a complete wreck. Hers turned out so nicely! And now I feel the need to go get mine whipped into shape.

Starbucks Family Menu Chalk Art Tutorial from The Yellow Cape Cod
I know, I know. Chalkboards are the thing right now. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love them and want a few for my house!

Simple Christmas Crafts from Around The Web from Nesting Place
I especially love the oval boxwood wreath about half way down the page.

How to Remove Paint – Part 2 from Miss Mustard Seed
And as I think about it, the small mid-century mod dresser may just end up with a coat of stain rather than paint. I saw a fabulous redo on Apartment Therapy that made me rething the repainting. We’ll see what the wood looks like underneath.

Tips and Tricks for Cutting Silk from Grainline
Where was this post when I was wrestling with my red dress – especially the silk organza! Now, I have a plan of attack for next time. (The secret is…paper!)

Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Sewing a Placket from A Few Threads Loose
Since I have a bazillion vintage patterns…

Guest Post: Chocolate Bread Pudding Oonaballoona Style! from Rhinestones and Telephones
Yum. And because Oonaballoona cracks me up.


Glittered Feathers from Nesting Place
Yes, you’d think about using them for holidays initially, but they also seem like a potential year-round decoration as well.


Review: Vogue 8696 | Cocooned for Winter Coat! from Erica B’s DIY Style
*That* is a fabulous coat.

Decked Out Holiday Style | No 1 from Dear Golden
Another round of beautiful vintage dresses. I am especially in love with the 1960s Joanie Wool Dress. It makes me think of Gertie’s coat dress pattern. Hmmm.

Dishwater from Favorite Paint Colors
Is this not the cutest kid’s bedroom? I love the photos of the kids above their beds! (Well, and the white iron beds, and the paper poofs near the ceiling and the floating shelves of books…)

The Lazy Gal’s Guide: Perspective (Less Is the New More) from The Handmade Home
Yes! I’m at that point too where I’m tired of managing stuff. Our garage (aka the place with a bunch of stuff in it) is on my hit list right now.

Completed: The Tiramisu from LLadybird
Ok, I’m on Cake’s mailing list and saw this pattern. I really didn’t think much of it from the line drawing, but seeing a finished product…I think I may have to change my mind!

The BurdaStyle Louisa Drop-Waist Dress from Closet Case Files
While y’all are waiting on my review, here’s a version of the drop-waist dress from the book. Like her, I have hips. Drop-waisted dresses don’t generally look good on me. (Bringing attention to my widest part? No thank you.) This was a great modification, however.

Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pot Roast Turned into Soup Luncheon from Reluctant Entertainer
I am going to have to try this with leftover pot roast. When there is any!

Fluffing your Closet from Already Pretty
What? Rehang everything to create more space? Actually, I need to go through my closet again and look for things I’ll never wear again (turtlenecks, I’m a’lookin’ at you…) so I may just do this.

The Week that Got Away from Elegant Musings
The velveteen elephant is so cute! With a felt party hat!

Inexpensive and Creative Holiday Decorations from PBJstories
Somewhere in there I spy a Christmas tree made of pieces of wood…which there may be a tutorial on. Target has one similar that I can’t bring myself to buy because I *know* it would be easy to make.

How to Make a Super Simple Stocking Garland from The Handmade Home
The joy of the garland is not what it’s made of, but what it’s used for – to have a place for them to put items in for their kids. Things to discuss at meals, objects to focus them on the meaning of Christmas beyond gifts and Santa.

Whew that was a lot. Still with me? There was a bunch of good stuff on the interwebs this week!

2 thoughts on “Friday Link Love

    • You’re welcome! There are so many people who put a lot of work into their blogs, and I know I barely have time to get through the ones I’m subscribed to.

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