Friday Link Love

As I lounge on the couch after a massage and try to stay awake (yeah, so I’m writing this on Thursday evening…) – here are the posts that caught my eye this week:

Turkey, Mushrooms and Brown Rice Soup from the Reluctant Entertainer
One word. Yum. Especially since it’s cool and foggy outside right now.

…And now for the science bit from Tulle and Tweed
Finally, a concise description of what you’re looking for when performing a burn test on fabric to find out what it’s made of. I never knew what I was looking for. Who knew it would be flame color?

Christmas Inspiration Gallery from The Inspired Room
Pictures! of Christmas ideas!

No Apologizing – The Purpose of Home and Roasted Red Grapes Recipe from the Reluctant Entertainer
Yes, a second recipe. It has goat cheese, y’all!

The Princess Coat from dear golden
Vintage coat inspiration. I love the flared skirts.

fox-gift-tag-printable-e1353819538907{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags from The Inspired Room
There’s a fox too!

PMPS Sew Along #6: Measurements from Frabjous Couture
The “Pimp My Pencil Skirt” Sew Along is plucking along. Aside from the sew along, this is a great resource for how to take measurements, focusing on your lower half, to get you started on a skirt sloper.

jitterbug babyOutfit: Jitterbug Baby from Elegant Musings
While this article has nothing do with it, my full attention is on the molding framing her fireplace. I so need to do this!

Holiday Craft Ideas from Emily A. Clark
I’m hosting a holiday craft party in three weeks, and some of these are on the agenda – especially the moss wreath, book page wreath, and paper tree.

Oopsie Daisy Decor Pendant Banner from PBJstories
Originally a giveaway, but what a cute idea for a burlap pendant banner (or bunting as I prefer to call it)! (There’s still six days left to enter if you’re so inclined.)

Our Dog Ate the Turkey! Holiday Card from the Reluctant Entertainer
While I could probably never do something like this since I am too self-conscious, I laughed out loud when I opened the page. What a great idea!

grace-kelly-in-black-gown-1954-706bes063010Completed: The Plaid Clusterf- from Lladybird
Such a cute shirt! (And I must confess that seeing her new haircut really is making me consider cutting my hair again. I had it short around the time that I got engaged – I walked in each hair appointment with a picture of Grace Kelly in hand and told my hairdresser ‘I want this.’ I think it’s time to take this picture in again –>)

Have a great weekend!

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