2013 Mark of Excellence dress – the maths



Last weekend I spent Sunday grading up the pattern for the dress I am making, McCall 4221, for a formal event the third week of November – the Mark of Excellence awards.


It is a 34 bust, and I am not – my high bust is a 36, regular is a 38. I’ve graded patterns up before, but not one with a bodice-and-sleeve-in-one. There’s also a scallop to the front, which limits where shortening can happen, which I nearly always have to do because of my short torso. The front bodice piece is now a frankenpiece – there are slashes and tape all over the place. Thank goodness for this book – the Bishop Method of Clothing Construction. I had no clue where to start, and the internet had an underwhelming amount of information for a change.


I tried a simple addition at the center front (which would make the dart fall in a strange place) then a full bust adjustment (would have only kind of solved the problem) before I settled on a simple slash and spread method. I had to limit it to two places in the pattern as when I tried a third place in the portion of the bodice under the sleeve, it would have overlapped with the attached sleeve portion, which I assume would mess up the whole cutting out of the fabric thing. So here is what I have, and it appears to work on my dress form:


The muslin is up next!


Back into the blogosphere



Work has still been crazy – that hasn’t changed. (In fact, we’re in the throes of summer, so it’s probably a wee bit worse.) What has brought be back into sewing? Why the demise of Google Reader and the release of Colette’s Hawthorn. Oh, and the 10 or so patterns I bought from eBay. But we won’t talk about those. Yet. ;)

After a few reminders, I’ve switched to feedly.com (who now has their own cloud engine). It’s been a long while since I’ve caught up on my RSS feed – I noticed I was sitting around 1025 unread posts last I looked. (Yikes!)

Anyway, sitting in my email recently also was a link to Collette’s newest pattern, Hawthorne. Needless to say, I love it. After a few days to ponder whether I should get it, I caved.

Let’s see…I’ve also been dabbling in a little embroidery.


And some of my other projects:

Autumn Quilt Fox and Owl

So, I’ve been doing a little sewing but just no posting. Hopefully I’ll have a Hawthorne dress soon to post about as well!


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